[TYPO3] sr_feuser_register edit does not get saved to database

Gabi Verzea gabi_verzea at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 13 14:04:37 CEST 2007

Yes, I have experienced the exact same problem. 

In fact, I can't even get the users registered through sr_feuser_register to log on to the site after they are created and enabled (confirmation link). 
The users created manually through the backend are logging in perfectly, but the users registered through sr_feuser_register do not work, although they appear to be allright in the database.

I also use the static_tables and newloginbox extensions. 

Once I log in with a FE user created in the Backend, and I try to edit the profile , nothing changes in the backend as well ...

Another thing that does not work, but this is related to the newloginbox extension - the Retrieve password link does not work ... it sends the mail to the recipient, but it says something like "we couldn't find any user registered user with this email" (there is no typing error,  have tested this 4-5 times.)

I am new to typo3 , but this is so far the only extension that I couldn;t figure out and get it to work so far :p I also couldn;t find any other extension for registering FE users.

I would also deeply appreciate any kind of help or instructions on this extensions. I have already read the manual and played around with it for several days by now.

Gabi Verzea.

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Subject: [TYPO3]  sr_feuser_register edit does not get saved to database

Hi folks,
It's sr_feuser_register again.

When a FE user goes to the page to edit his profile, changes some fields 
and clicks on 'Update profile now!', the changes are neither reflected 
on the preview page nor in the database.
This means a user can't change anything since all changes are lost.

Did somebody experience the same with sr_feuser_register 2.5.6 and Typo3 

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