[TYPO3] Customizing templates

Matthias Stuebner news at contratec.de
Fri Apr 13 12:40:35 CEST 2007

On Thu, 12 Apr 2007 14:51:37 +0200, tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:

> Typo3 is a framework more than a CMS, so all the power of generating 
> and using objects/datatypes/templates/etc should be explained a lot 
> more clearly.

TYPO3 is driven by COMMUNITY, and you are part of it. If you think
something should be done better you may just contribute to it.

What will you start with now?

> But I need to know where to define my variables, how to exchange them 
> with PHP, how they are used within various TS sections.

That is what TsRef is made for. What do you miss in the chapter "PHP
include scripts" and the samples in "Case story"?

> Now I can do it all using another template, added to the page.
> But I'd love to see if Typo3 let me easily make ONE unique 
> customizable template for the whole site. In this way I want to add 
> specific features on the template, and enable them on a page by page 
> basis using "something" in the TSConfig section of each page.

That is what conditions are good for.
br Matthias

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