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Thu Apr 12 14:51:37 CEST 2007

At 16.54 11/04/2007, Christopher Torgalson wrote:
>On 4/11/07, tonix (Antonio Nati) <tonix at interazioni.it> wrote:
> > At 17.03 09/04/2007, Andrew Davis wrote:
> > >you could ebable/disable the printable page link using conditions in
> > >your template, that way you will only need one.
> > >
> > >look for conditions in the newsgroup for more help
> >
> > I'm serching massively in manuals, but I cannot find a very basic
> > example about:
> >
> > - definition of a variable, like
> >          PagePrint.enable = 1
> > inside TS config of the page. Is this enough or there is other to add?
> >
> > - usage of that variable inside a condition within the template setup:
> >          [PagePrint.enable = 1]
> >          ....
> >          [end]
> > I feel this is not enough, but I cannot guess what other params I
> > have to add in order to have it working.
>More reading is in order. A couple of things stand out in your message:
>1. TS and TSconfig are different. If you are really putting things
>like this in TSconfig field, you should know that, even if the code
>above was correct--it isn't--it would never work if you put it in that

Is there any concise architectural view of typo3, explaining each 
section job? Not a long  manual going always around the problem, but 
never inside it.

>shouting, but as far as I am aware, there is not and never has been
>any such thing as "PagePrint.enable." What did you expect to happen?
>How did you expect the system to interpret an arbitrary value? TYPO3
>is a CMS, not an AI...

I have to do this way. As no manual explains clearly basic things, 
I'm forced to ask directly what I'm looking for.

Typo3 is a framework more than a CMS, so all the power of generating 
and using objects/datatypes/templates/etc should be explained a lot 
more clearly.

>TS conditions in general work like this:
># Set some condition
>[some condition]
># Do some typoscript--usually a variation on some TS found elsewhere
>in the site/template; for a printable page, this might mean switching
>a stylesheet etc...
># Return to global scope:
>I would recommend that you:
>1. Re-read the TSref section on conditions

Done. But no part is telling me how I can introduce a 
field/variable/definition that can be used inside conditions (if it 
can be done :-) ).

>2. Read about how to actually /use/ the TSref effectively (doesn't
>cover conditions, but should help you understand why you can't just
>invent TS properties and how to find a function, property or object
>that does what you need it to do) [1]

I don't see anything explaining what datatypes are really, how they 
can be created and used, which is the influence of a datatype created 
in PHP but used in TS (and viceversa), how they can be used in the 
various Typo3 sections.

I mean, there is nothink explaining the base bricks of typo3.

This is the TSref manual.


The values you define to properties in TypoScript is often of a 
specific format. This table is your guide to these formats.
Eg. if a value is defined as the type "<tag>", you're supposed to 
supply HTML-code. If it is of the type "resource", it's a reference 
to a file from the resource-field in the template. If the type is 
"GraphicColor" a color-definition is expected and you should supply a 
HTML-valid color-code or RGB-values comma-separated.
But I need to know where to define my variables, how to exchange them 
with PHP, how they are used within various TS sections.

>3. Search to see how others have built printable pages [2]

Done a lot of searching, nothing more than usual solutions.

>4. Decide HOW you intend to create the print page in the first place
>(i.e. build the TS that renders the page differently)

Done, of course.

>5. Decide what condition must be satisfied to show a printable view
>(choose from among the conditions in the TSref--is it a GET paramater
>in the URL? a particular page id? a particular page type?)

GET parameter type, as usual. But I want it to work only on selected pages.
Selected page whould have something enabled and template should 
display print version only if that page is enabled (and type 
requested is 98 of course).

Now I can do it all using another template, added to the page.
But I'd love to see if Typo3 let me easily make ONE unique 
customizable template for the whole site. In this way I want to add 
specific features on the template, and enable them on a page by page 
basis using "something" in the TSConfig section of each page.

Is it possible?



>Christopher Torgalson
>[1] http://www.typo3apprentice.com/howto/rtfm/
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