[TYPO3] Localization problem - header fields

Morten Kjems mortenkjems at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 12:10:02 CEST 2007

Sorry if my post was a little confusing.

This has nothing to do with the pageheader.

When you map a template with Template Viola you can choose to map a 
div-tag as a header field (Mapping Type: Element & Editing Type: Header 

The div-tags I have mapped are all within the body-tag.

The nice thing about this is that you can edit all the standard headers 
in a page in a single line within "page properties".

The "headers" don't have to be H1 or H2 tags etc. but can be anything.

The alternative is ad all the headers as normal content elements, but 
that is way more confusing, since you get a lot of options that you will 
never use.

For this specific project I have three standard boxes on every page, but 
the header of each box are different on different pages. For the default 
language I just change this within "page properties"

The problem is that when I want to translate "page properties" for a 
page, I get a limited version with no option to translate the header fields.

I hope the problem is described more clearly now.

Any suggestions


Franz Koch skrev:
> Hi Morten,
>> I have a little localization problem.
>> I have mapped a template (with TV) with a few header fields. 
>> Everything works fine till I want to localize.
>> The header fields are managed through "edit page properties"
>> But when I localize a page I get a limited version of the page 
>> properties and do not have the option to type in and translate the 
>> header fields.
>> The localized page keeps the headers of the original language.
>> Any suggestions on how to localize header fields?
> If I understand you right, you have added some fields in the pageheader 
> that you can't translate them? If so:
> - have you added those fields also in database table 
> 'pages_language_overlay'?
> - have you added those fields to the TCA of table 'pages_language_overlay'?
> - have you set the proper 'l10n_mode' and 'l10n_cat' in your TCA for the 
> pages table?
> - have you added those fields to the 'pageOverlayFields' in the install 
> tool or localconf.php?

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