[TYPO3] Advanced Banner Management - SWF Link

Dmitry Dulepov 9f4eetb02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Apr 12 11:31:37 CEST 2007

Peter Chodyra wrote:
> I am trying to use the Advanced Banner Management extension 1.4 with Typo 
> 4.1. Everything seems to work except when you want to link the flash movie 
> to a url. On the FE when you "mouse over" the flash it says "click to 
> activate and use this control", when you click on it nothing happens!
> If I create a gif or jpg banner everything works fine.
> Does any one have any ideas what is wrong?

This is forced by MSIE because they lost case in the court about patent 
violation. There is a workaround, I saw once in Google.

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