[TYPO3] Localization problem - header fields

Franz Koch typo at fx.MINUS.graefix.DOT.de
Thu Apr 12 08:12:51 CEST 2007

Hi Morten,

> I have a little localization problem.
> I have mapped a template (with TV) with a few header fields. Everything 
> works fine till I want to localize.
> The header fields are managed through "edit page properties"
> But when I localize a page I get a limited version of the page 
> properties and do not have the option to type in and translate the 
> header fields.
> The localized page keeps the headers of the original language.
> Any suggestions on how to localize header fields?

If I understand you right, you have added some fields in the pageheader that you can't translate them? If so:
- have you added those fields also in database table 'pages_language_overlay'?
- have you added those fields to the TCA of table 'pages_language_overlay'?
- have you set the proper 'l10n_mode' and 'l10n_cat' in your TCA for the pages table?
- have you added those fields to the 'pageOverlayFields' in the install tool or localconf.php?

Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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