[TYPO3] sr_feuser_register: Possible to define the usergroup in the activation-link in admin-review email

Franz Koch typo at fx.MINUS.graefix.DOT.de
Wed Apr 11 23:34:36 CEST 2007

Hi list,

a customer likes to be able to set the usergroup of a new registered user in the activation link of the admin-review email that is sent when admin review is activated. So instead of the regular "accept registration" link in the mail, there should be several links to accept the registration, where each of the links activates the user but also assigns a certain usergroup.

I digged the source of sr_feuser_register a bit - but I really don't get this mystical/cryptic "setfixed" stuff, whereas the rest of the MVC is quite understandable (as far as I have seen already). Any ideas how I could do this? There didn't seem to be a proper hook for that - but maybe it can be done by a tricky configuring of this "setfixed" stuff via TS or whatever? Any suggestions are welcome. The sooner the better, as I have to write an offer for that asap.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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