[TYPO3] creating html to pdf

Ranjeet Kumar ranjeet at fivee.in
Wed Apr 11 16:04:34 CEST 2007

Martin Kutschker wrote:
> Ranjeet Kumar schrieb:
>> Hello  all,
>> I am trying to creat html to pdf. Some special charactors does not
>> convert in pdf. I have also used metaCharset:'UTF-8'); and
>> metaCharset:'ISO_8859-1');
>>  But it remains same.
>> Please help me .
> Maybe you can tell us what extensions (if any) you are using to create 
> PDFs. AFAIK not all extensions (and the used external applications) 
> support all charsets (incl. utf8).
> Masi

Thanks Masi,

I am not using any extension. I am using html Doc. Also using  cmd
//to make pdf
$cmd[] = '/usr/bin/htmldoc';
$cmd[] = '--continuous';
/*$cmd[] = '--charset iso-8859-15';*/
$cmd[] = ' -t pdf14';
if ($this -> config['htmldocOptions']) {
$cmd[] = $this -> config['htmldocOptions'];
$cmd[] = "$fHTMLName";
//$cmd[] = "--from-code=UTF8 --to-code=ISO_8859-1";
$cmd[] = "-f {$fileAttachment}";

It not works


Ranjeet Kumar


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