[TYPO3] search: download files for logged-in FE users

Christopher Torgalson bedlamhotel at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 18:52:26 CEST 2007


On 4/10/07, Oleg L. Sverdlov <oleg at ols.co.il> wrote:
> I'm searching for an extension that will present a list of files from
> fileadmin/ but require FE user to log in in order to download the files.
> I've tried several extensions (rlmp_securedownloads  , fhm_downloads ,
> alternet_securelink ,  securemedia, naw_securedl ) without success. They
> all do different parts of the job.
> naw_securedl , for instance , translate direct links to files to script
> call. The only missing part is check whether the user is logged in and
> if not, redirect him to login page.

If I correctly understand what you're asking for, that's not usually
the job of any given plugin. Set the 'access' field in the download
plugin to the value of one or more groups that should be allowed
access to the downloads and you should be set.

If you want, you can also provide a login content element on the same
page--if you set it's access field to 'hide at login,' the form will
disappear and the list of downloads will appear when someone
successfully logs in.

Christopher Torgalson

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