[TYPO3] Hardcoding menu items - best practice

Trevor McCartney trevor at arrayinteractive.ca
Mon Apr 9 17:59:04 CEST 2007

Hello There,

I'm working on a Typo installation that has three levels of menu's. On the
third level, I need two menu items that point to forms, these two menu items
should appear on every page. Do I need to create dummy pages all through the
page tree to include these two pages into the sub-menu, or is there a way to
hardcode the two menu items in my template object along with their links?

This is how I've coded that menu:

lib.subMenu2 = HMENU
lib.subMenu2.entryLevel = 2
lib.subMenu2.1 = TMENU
lib.subMenu2.1.NO {
allWrap = <div> | </div>

lib.subMenu2.1.ACT = 1
lib.subMenu2.1.ACT {
allWrap = <div class="selected"> | </div>



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