[TYPO3] strange caching problem

Gian Paolo Renello grenello at unisa.it
Mon Apr 9 01:37:47 CEST 2007

Ciao Dmitry,

in data giovedì 29 marzo 2007, alle ore 9.50, hai scritto:

> Balázs Springel wrote:
>> We just created a site with the new typo3 4.1, so it almost contains
>> nothing. After clearing the FE cache, the first opened page (#1)
>> looks normal, but after that all the other opened pages are blank. If
>> I'm clearing the cache again, and after that I'm choosing an other
>> page (#2) to look at first, then that will be the only page working,
>> and all the others (including the previous working page called #1)
>> are still blank. I can open the first page wherever I want, with an
>> other browser, or on an other machine, it will be the only page
>> looking normal for every one. (Till the next clearing :p) The blank
>> pages have the header from the template, but have nothing between the
>> body tags. The title, the css including are working fine..

> Looks like your are missing CSS styled content in your TS template. 
> Click on the "Edit the whole template record" and add CSS styled content.

I have the same problem. I can add that if i click sho from the
backend i can see the page with the admin panel. The first page is okk
but all the pothers give me strange problems, the same already cited.
But if from the admin panel i click update than all the problems
disappear till i change page and then  the same problem returns. It is
as if every moment the caches of the preceding page is still there.
btw i checked and  the CSS styled content is present in the template.

The template i use is the same i have on another site (version 4.02)
and works perfectly. I suspect is a problem of the 4.1.1. version i am
using in this case.

if you want to check go to www.neoarcadia.eu and try

 Gian Paolo Renello                                grenello at unisa.it

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