[TYPO3] use FCE with MTB

Bing Du bdu at iastate.edu
Fri Apr 6 21:13:17 CEST 2007


Where can I find more information on how to use FCE with MTB?  This
sounds very positively that can be done.

With TV installed along with the traditional template engine, we're facing
the Access Error when creating new page using the page wizard.  Seems
'Page (after)' still works.  But then the page has to be moved to wherever
it's wanted to be.  That's a pain.  From my understanding, Flexible
Content element type is not available on the traditional template engine. 
It only shows up as content element type when TV is installed.  I also
tried kb_contenttab extension but had some issue with it and was informed
by somebody on the typo3 English mailing list that that extension is not
supported any more.

So the question again, how to create FCE's with MTB?  I'd appreciate any


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