[TYPO3] Preview, draft ws and sr_language_menu

Pascal Cramer pascal at spambegone.roguesheep.nl
Fri Apr 6 18:40:51 CEST 2007

Francois Suter wrote:
> Hi,
>> What are the parameters on your side that are passed in the preview mode?
>> For me it's:
>> index.php?id=485&no_cache=1&L=2&no_cache=1&ADMCMD_view=1&ADMCMD_editIcons=1 
>> (with Realurl disabled)
>> With L=2 being the alternative language I want to see.
> Well, here's what I have (with RealURL activated):
> You seem to be missing the ADMCMD_previewWS parameter.

Merci bien François!
This missing parm got me thinking about wrong workspaces and versions. I don't 
know why or how, probably I have been fiddling around with the workspace and 
authorisation settings.
I created a custom workspace and removed all page_language_overlay records where 
t3ver_wsid = -1 (de id of the default draft ws?)
Now if an editor creates a new translation he can preview it if it is not 'hidden'.
By the way: the ADMCMD_previewWS parameter does apparently only appear when you 
preview the page in de split-window view, not if you preview the page using the 
'Web | View'' module.

Thanks for thinking along, your tip did put me on the right track!

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