[TYPO3] Wrong (?) size of images in Text w/image

Claudio claudio.strizzolo at ru.bbishts.infn.it
Thu Apr 5 12:58:22 CEST 2007

Hi all,
I am using Typo3 4.1 and just tried to create a block of content of type
Text w/Image. The block should include several images and should appear
like this:

text text         img1 img2
text text         img3 img4
text text         img5 img6
text text

I set up the block of images by defining 2 columns. Each image should
actually be a 100px wide thumbnail of the image, and should be clickable
in order to enlarge it, so i activated the Click-enlarge flag and set up a
width of 100 pixels. I am using the CSS styled contents template for the
whole site.
The result is different than expected: it looks like the 100px is not
taken as the with of the thumbnails, but of the whole images block: the
thumbnails are therefore shrunk to a 45px width or so. If I make the
number of columns higher, the thumbnails are made even smaller.
Any hints?


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