[TYPO3] Preview, draft ws and sr_language_menu

Pascal Cramer pascal at spambegone.roguesheep.nl
Tue Apr 3 23:00:36 CEST 2007

Francois Suter wrote:
> Hi,
>> If a (language-restricted) editor tries to preview the work he has 
>> done, the
>> language switch does not work; it submits the page but does noit 
>> switch for the
>> selected language: the default language is the only one being 
>> displayed in this
>> mode.
>> It makes no difference whether we use the 'View' module or the preview 
>> button
>> (which also shows the current version)
>> Does anyone have a clue as to where the cause of this lies?
>> I am using the correct extension for language switching in this setup?
>> We are running 4.0.4 and sr_language_menu 1.2.4.
> I can't reproduce that behavior. As far as I can tell, sr_language_menu 
> passes all the right parameters for switching language all the while 
> staying in the workspace preview.
> I'm running TYPO3 4.1.1 and sr_language_menu 1.2.4.
> Sorry.
Hi Francois,

thanks for looking into it.
What are the parameters on your side that are passed in the preview mode?
For me it's:
(with Realurl disabled)
With L=2 being the alternative language I want to see.
Even with my admin account it does not work.


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