[TYPO3] mask

Miroslav Monkevic miroslav at monkevic.info
Tue Apr 3 09:20:06 CEST 2007

dmc_image_alttext is obsolete, its functionality is in the core long time ago.

It looks like some other extension was xclassing  tslib_cObj and this is 
where your problems come from.

Bas van der Togt wrote:
> Finaly it's working! I had to install 'dmc_image_alttext'.
> But now the text is white. How can i make the text black?
> I tried fontColor = #000000 and black, but that's no working.
> Does anybody knows why?
> cheers,
> Bas
> my code now:
> # Mask
> tt_content.image.20.1.file >

<snip />

Best regards,
Miroslav Monkevic

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