[TYPO3] one backend interface for multiple installations?

Florian Schaeffer florian.schaeffer at mercoline.de
Mon Apr 2 18:26:19 CEST 2007

Hello Bing Du,

>> one database.  I'll have to have another backend interface to connect to
>> another database that hosts another set of web sites.   But in out
>> situation, these two sets of websites need to share contents, for ex.
>> news.  It would be good that one backend interface can see multiple page
>> trees with each one associating with different database.  Any thoughts or
>> comments?

AFAIR it is possible to connect to different databases using DBAL or use 
tables from a different database. So you could "map" one TYPO3-site's 
tt_news table to the other TYPO3 sites' tt_news table and reuse the 

Florian Schaeffer

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