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Rudy Gnodde gnodde.rudy at wag.nl
Mon Apr 2 15:03:31 CEST 2007

Hello Sylvain,

You might want to read the following article:


Rudy Gnodde
WIND Internet

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> Sylvain Gourvil
> Verzonden: maandag 2 april 2007 14:56
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> Onderwerp: [TYPO3] [Cache] Tt_news
> Hi everybody,
> It is the first time I have to deal with caching issue and it 
> is a mess in my little brain.
> Here's the deal :
>    1. All was working fine on my website (in development) 
> except that no pages were indexed. I choosed to take a look 
> at caching stuff and found a "set_no_cache" in one of my 
> extension I have written before.
>    2. So I comment it and all pages were indexed afterward. 
> COOL, bu not. Now some pages with different contents are the 
> same because it takes the one which has been cached.
>        Here's the first page URI (index.php?id=7&firstPage=1) 
> and another page that has the same content (and should not : 
> index.php?id=7&tx_ttnews[categoryId]=18)
> It seems that cache hash is made only with pid ! I am sure it 
> is not and I am also sure to be a great noob on this stuff.
> Where am I wrong with it ?
> Thanks in advance.

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