[TYPO3] [Cache] Tt_news

Sylvain Gourvil sylvain.gourvil at mediasmart.fr
Mon Apr 2 14:55:58 CEST 2007

Hi everybody,

It is the first time I have to deal with caching issue and it is a mess 
in my little brain.

Here's the deal :
   1. All was working fine on my website (in development) except that no 
pages were indexed. I choosed to take a look at caching stuff and found 
a "set_no_cache" in one of my extension I have written before.
   2. So I comment it and all pages were indexed afterward. COOL, bu 
not. Now some pages with different contents are the same because it 
takes the one which has been cached.
       Here's the first page URI (index.php?id=7&firstPage=1) and 
another page that has the same content (and should not : 

It seems that cache hash is made only with pid ! I am sure it is not and 
I am also sure to be a great noob on this stuff.
Where am I wrong with it ?

Thanks in advance.

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