[TYPO3] Error in tree.js?

Benjamin Mack mack at xnos.org
Mon Apr 2 12:29:36 CEST 2007


my guess is that is has something to do with the skin or... skin_grey_2.
The more interesting is also that skin_grey_2 relies on "tm_shared_lib", 
which is not installed on your machine.

Please see if this helps.

Florian Seirer wrote:
> After further review I found out that it happens only when I click in 
> the collapse icons. Clicking the expand icon worked fine. But now I ran 
> out of expand icons to test that. :-\
> Here's the list of extensions that are currently installed:
> css_styled_content,tsconfig_help,context_help,extra_page_cm_options,
> impexp,sys_note,tstemplate,tstemplate_ceditor,tstemplate_info,
> tstemplate_objbrowser,tstemplate_analyzer,func_wizards,wizard_crpages,
> wizard_sortpages,lowlevel,install,belog,beuser,aboutmodules,setup,
> taskcenter,info_pagetsconfig,viewpage,t3skin,lib,div,static_info_tables,
> templavoila,flexform_getconstant,nf_cleandb,phpmyadmin,captcha,metatags,
> mc_googlesitemap,api_macmade,dropdown_sitemap,kb_md5fepw,newloginbox,
> tt_news,sk_pagecomments,t3skin_improved,cal,rlmp_dateselectlib,
> sr_feuser_register,fh_library,ter_update_check,cal_tt_news_service,
> kb_skinselect,rtehtmlarea,ceflexform,mf_pagetitle,responsible,skin_grey_2
> Most of them don't relate to the BE page tree, I think.
> Any hints where else I can look for?
> Tapio Markula schrieb:
>> Florian Seirer kirjoitti:
>>> Disabling Firebug made no difference. I also tried it in IE6 and IE7 
>>> as well. Little less informative error message there, but still the 
>>> same thing.
>>> It actually worked before. The only thing I did today before noticing 
>>> the error was updating the extension skin_grey_2. But reverting to the 
>>> old version or the default skin didn't help either. And there are no 
>>> updated files on the system besides the ones from the skin and some 
>>> cache related files.
>>> The installation was once clean. ;-)
>> I have had some CSS-problems trying to create proper CSS
>> for my skin because of big changes generating the page/file tree in 
>> Typo3 4.1.
>> I fixed today a little bit the CSS.
>> Skin_grey_2 doesn't add any behavior without tm_shared_lib,
>> which adds some with certain options.
>> I got in the latest version changes working
>> except that clicking +/- in the active tree, the highlight is temporary 
>> lost.
>> I don't have had big problems with 4.1.
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