[TYPO3] MS SQL Server... What exactly is thecompatibility level?

Franz Malten Buemann / TYPO 3 PORTAL info at t3p.dk
Fri Sep 29 12:05:26 CEST 2006

>Would you consider the process problematic? Like, is it more or less 
>trivial, is it tedious, or are there even cases where it's impossible to 
>modify such extensions to use the abstraction layer?
>If it's trivial, it's good news :) Impossible is bad news :(

That is more a question that you can answer, because it depends on what you
find trivial.  If you know your SQL by heart then it's a trivial task in my
mind to modify most extensions. Some extensions will require you to do some
effort to make the modifications. But in my opinion it is a trivial task for
most programmers.

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