[TYPO3] MS SQL Server... What exactly is thecompatibility level?

Franz Malten Buemann / TYPO 3 PORTAL info at t3p.dk
Fri Sep 29 11:29:35 CEST 2006

>Do you have any feeling how often this is the case? By this, I mean that 
>the respective developer has made the effort to comply, so that the 
>extension will work regardless of underlying DBMS.

The reports from mailing list indicate that it is not often they do.

One of the most used extentions tt_news is for an example not compatible
with the database abstraction layer (dbal) as I recall.

But the more simple extensions that does not use complex queries are easy to
make compatible with dbal. Just exchange the normal mysql queries with the
wrapper functions delivered by TYPO3 according to:


As the abstraction layer came with newer versions of TYPO3 you must expect
that extensions older than about a year are not compatible yet.

But I think it is really interesting to make this work and I am going to
make a project next month and see how far I can get this working for another
DBMS that is used for high perfomance applications that eg. Oracle can't

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