[TYPO3] Commerce Payment Capabilities

Francois Suter fsuter at cobweb.ch
Fri Sep 29 11:17:23 CEST 2006


> tx_paymentlib can be used in any extention - this is what makes it  
> such
> a good idea :) No more 1 payment solution pr. extension, but an  
> unified
> implementation, that can support an unlimited number of gateways.

Indeed paymentlib is a very good idea. BUT it only runs with PHP5.  
Which is why I have turned away from it. Although I have PHP5 running  
on all my dev and staging servers, nearly all of my clients are  
running on hostings with PHP4 and not many will be convinced to  
change hosting just because of a payment solution that runs strictly  
on PHP5.

>> If so, how much do you need to complete the project, as i have  
>> over 100
>> clients lined up to be offered T3 with commerce capabilities and  
>> may be able
>> to gain funding for this.
> Being the maintainer of tx_paymentlib, I've already contacted the
> commerce developers - but sadly no reply yet. You can try sending a  
> mail
> to them as well.

As far as I could see, they don't support paymentlib, because they  
have developed their own library. The real shame is that they didn't  
do this as a separate plugin, but  as a part of the commerce  
extension, which makes it hard to:

1) use it for other plugins
2) add new payment methods with plugins

I think what we really need is something similar to paymentlib, but  
which runs with PHP4.


François Suter
Directeur technique
Cobweb Development Sàrl

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