[TYPO3] AJAX response page with Flexforms

Andreas Jonderko anj2j at yahoo.de
Thu Sep 28 16:16:06 CEST 2006

Hi Typo3-Community!

I built an plugin with flexforms and can normaly use them without any 
problems, but when i set up a new typenum to create a response page for 
ajax then it seems to be a problem accessing the flexforms settings???
How to use flexform settings together with typeNum?

My Pagedefinition for the Ajax response:

responseToBrowser = PAGE
typeNum = 1

config {
	disableAllHeaderCode = 1
         additionalHeaders = Content-type:text/xml
         no_cache = 1
         xhtml_cleaning = 0

10 < plugin.tx_pmtree_pi1

Everything goes ok, but the settings from the flexforms are NULL ???

  * initializes the flexform and all config options ;-)
	function init(){
		$this->pi_initPIflexForm(); // Init and get the flexform data of the 
		$this->flexConf = array(); // Setup our storage array...
		// Assign the flexform data to a local variable for easier access
		$piFlexForm = $this->cObj->data['pi_flexform'];
		// Traverse the entire array based on the language...
		// and assign each configuration option to $this->lConf array...
		foreach ( $piFlexForm['data'] as $sheet => $data )
		foreach ( $data as $lang => $value )
		foreach ( $value as $key => $val )
		$this->flexConf[$key] = $this->pi_getFFvalue($piFlexForm, $key, $sheet);

anyone an idea?

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