[TYPO3] MS SQL Server... What exactly is the compatibility level?

Allan Jacobsen aja at danskespil.dk
Thu Sep 28 15:54:16 CEST 2006

Hi Daniel

I don't know anything about Mssql but have a look here:


Best regards/MVH
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Emne: [TYPO3] MS SQL Server... What exactly is the compatibility level?

Hey :)

I'm trying to get TYPO3 installed on Windows under IIS which is a hassle 
(currently I *think* something should be working, but I get a blank page 
when trying to open the site, i.e. the 1-2-3 thing), I just f***ing hate 
Windows. But it's gotta be this way, so...

Anyway, I can't really find any docs about how this MS SQL support is 
supposed to be understood. When TYPO3 claims MS SQL support does that 
mean it'll _talk_ to an MS SQL database or _run from_ an MS SQL database?

Also, what's up with the documentation? The installation docs are still 
from 2004, and the INSTALL.TXT and README.TXT files in the packages no 
longer describe how to do symlinking. How is one to find out how to 
install TYPO3?

Daniel :)
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