[TYPO3] Slow query

Lukas lukasnoname at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 15:42:55 CEST 2006

My web hotel gave me an alert for a slow SQL query that took 16 seconds. 
When I ran the same question in PHPmyAdmin, it took 6 seconds, which is 
shorter but still pretty long.

I guess the query came from macina-searchbox. How can I speed it up?

Here's the query:
FROM index_words IW,
index_rel IR,
index_section ISEC
IW.baseword LIKE '%ängsholmmen%'
AND IW.wid=IR.wid
AND ISEC.phash = IR.phash
AND ISEC.rl0 IN (130)
AND is_stopword=0
GROUP BY IR.phash;

Best regards, Lukas

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