[TYPO3] Reusing menus and shared footer content with TemplaVoila SOLVED?

Kathy Wheeler kathyw at home.albury.net.au
Tue Sep 26 04:31:49 CEST 2006

Firstly thanks to Dmitry I got my footer menus working by setting up  
(TS) and mapping (TV) a second menu object.

Secondly, after searching and reading for a few days I finally got an  
editable, repeatable footer address block working with TV, which I  
post here for critique - is there anything wrong with this approach?  
And if not, it might help someone else as I found more questions than  
working answers in my own search.

Shared footer content - in this case an address and contact block  
repeated on every page that which by rights should be part of the  
site template (not editable by general users), but will inevitably  
need to be edited by them when phone numbers change, offices move  
etc ... but no-one wants to have to edit every page! Enter shared  

After trying numerous suggestions what I ended up with is this:

1. A Pagecontent element (for the footer content; id of 96 in my  
case) which started life in it's own system folder but which I moved  
to the main Storage Folder during testing and found it still worked;

2. Mapped to an HTML element of the main template page (in this case  
a <p> tag inside a <div id="footer"> which made the styling CSS  
easy). Data structure XML:

			<field_footer_address type="array">
				<tx_templavoila type="array">
					<title>Footer Address Block</title>
					<description>Map to address block</description>
					<sample_data type="array">
						<numIndex index="0">address</numIndex>

3. With the following TS in the template Setup:

###Reusable Content Element for Footer ###
temp.footer_address = RECORDS
temp.footer_address.tables = tt_content
temp.footer_address.source = 96

lib.footer_address < temp.footer_address

It seems to work like a charm with TV.

As I'm still feeling my way with Typo3, is there anything wrong with  
this approach or is it likely to come back and bite later?


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