[TYPO3] too much space between title and content in all content elements

Christopher bedlamhotel at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 21:45:27 CEST 2006


On 9/25/06, Tim Loenders <tloenders at gmail.com> wrote:
> in the source it does this for the title and nothing special for the text:
> <!--  CONTENT ELEMENT, uid:359/list [begin] -->
>         <a id="c359"></a>
>         <!--  Header: [begin] -->
>             <div class="csc-header csc-header-n1"><table height="20"
> width="610" background="fileadmin/mahl/templates/titel_bg.jpg"
> nowrap><tr><td valign="bottom" nowrap><h1
> class="csc-firstHeader">fashion</h1></td></tr></table><img src="clear.gif"
> width="1" height="5" border="0" class="spacer-gif" alt="" title="" /><br />
> </div>
>         <!--  Header: [end] -->
>         <!--  Plugin inserted: [begin] -->
>    <!--
> I am afraid the <br /> is the probem but i have no clue where it is coming
> from though it's a standard text element from typo3.
> can i get rid of it somehow?

That's more like it :-)

There is an easy way to get rid of all the cruft, but you may not like
it much: in your main TS template, un-include the "Content Default"
template and install CSS Styled Content and include its static
template instead.

Realize though that this will change the rendering of ALL content
elements in the site. This may take some work to correct, but it will
pay off in terms of future maintenance, making CSS easier to
implement/deal with and also in bandwidth. For example, the ENTIRE
code fragment above could--and should--be replaced with

<h1 class="csc-firstHeader">fashion</h1>


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