[TYPO3] Standard Mailform (Property override)

R roman9930 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 08:45:45 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I try to figure out how to override the default unique (random) hash in 
a standard mailform.

I need a fix name for the form and don't know how to override the value.
There is the "Property" called "formName" but I dont really know how to 
get this work.

Can I add it in the "bodytext"-field of a pagecontent record of the type
"FORMMAIL" (please see my dummy example at the end of this message) or
do I have to add it in a template record which puts the form into a 
marker for example.

If this would be my pagecontent of the typo "FORMAIL", how could I add 
this Property

Name: | *the name = input | Enter your name here
Email: | *email=input |
Like TV: | tv=check |
|formtype_mail = submit | Send this!
|html_enabled=hidden | 1
|subject=hidden| This is the subject
|recipient_copy=hidden | copy at email.com
|auto_respond_msg=hidden|  Hello / This is an autoresponse. //We have
received your mail.
|tv=hidden | 0
|[property] =formName | MyformName   //?????????????? I tried this and 
many other syntax

May someone help me with that. Would be really awesome! Thanks a lot so 
far and have a nice day,

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