[TYPO3] Third try: Print a list of image filenames to the page?

Mike php at talkingspider.com
Sun Sep 24 20:20:42 CEST 2006

If I use the Files field, then I'm limited to only one set of images 
per page (because a page can only have one Files list, right?)  If I 
did it as a content item I could to multiple.

But I'm so desperate at this point- I'll take that actually.  If you 
can show me how to do it in such a way that I can pull the list of 
files from the parent page's file list (leveluid:-1) that would be 
good enough, I think.

Actually even better- if it could recursively go up the page tree 
until it finds a page with files in it's files list, and generate the 
list of files in that list.  (Check leveluid:-1 then if no files, 
check leveluid:-2.... etc)

At 01:35 PM 9/24/2006, you wrote:
>On 9/24/06, Heiner Lamprecht <heiner at heiner-lamprecht.net> wrote:
> > Hi Mike,
> >
> > On Thursday 21 September 2006 01:24, Mike wrote:
> > >
> > > I've literally spent 5 full days on this. I've asked in this
> > > group twice before. I've read the documentaton thrice over.  Can
> > > this be done in typo3 at all?
> >
> > Sure ;-)
> >
> > But I assume, you can not do it only with TypoScript.  I think, you
> > need to write an extension, that re-implements the cImage()
> > function.
>I assume that you assume incorrectly--this sounds like a perfect job
>for the select function [1].
>But Mike, /why/ do you want to do this with a content element instead
>of in the 'files' field in the 'Edit page properties dialogue'? Your
>php sample shows a comma-separated list of images, and this is how
>file references are stored in the pages table. To get what you want is
>extremely simple in TS:
>page.10 = HTML
>page.10 {
>   value {
>     data = page:media
>   }
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