[TYPO3] Menu of subpages

Tomasz Rakowski raczek at open.infi.pl
Sun Sep 24 13:09:16 CEST 2006

Matthew Manderson napisał(a):
>> The code generates subpages, but if the subpage (Level2.2) has another
>> subpage (Level2.2.1) it won't be displayed!
> You need to define the levels you need.
> Try:
> temp.menu_1.3 < temp.menu_1.2
> temp.menu_1.4 < temp.menu_1.3
> temp.menu_1.5 < temp.menu_1.4
> temp.menu_1.6 < temp.menu_1.5
> temp.menu_1.7 < temp.menu_1.6
> This enables each of the next 5 levels down each inheriting the previous TS.
> I have not seen an automated way of doing this for n Levels.
> Matthew

ok, you are right, but still when you click on any of these subpages 
menu will collapse and only first level will be displayed - that is the 


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