[TYPO3] all redirects going to same page with dkd_redirect_at_login

Monica Axelrad monica.axelrad at pse.unige.ch
Thu Sep 21 19:53:46 CEST 2006


I'm using Typo3 4.0.2 on a windows local installation (with WAMP).
I'm trying to test all the functionalities we will need before 
installing on the live server.

I've installed the dkd_redirect_at_login module but all my logins end up 
  redirecting to the same page.

(i'm using dkd_redirect_at_login 3.0 with newloginbox 3.0)

ex) i have userA (member of Group1) and userB (member of Group2) and the 
following menu structure


in the group description backend I direct userA to go to Page1 and userB 
to Page2. When I try it, they both go to Page2. If I remove the redirect 
for userB then userA goes to Page1, but when I put back the redirect for 
userB, they both go to Page2.

Any hints on what might be happening, or where to look would be much 


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