[TYPO3] Newbie learning from book

Tyler Kraft headhunterxiii at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 21 10:55:35 CEST 2006

Typo3 is extremely backward compliant.So you are fine to learn form the 
book with the newest release of Typo3.

AFAIK that is the only english book.

The underlying principals will still be the same and I suspect 90-95% of 
the book will still be useful and up to date.  There might be new 
versions of some of the extensions and some new features added but still 
useful. And if its changed from what's in the book... don't worry to 
much about it as things do change very quickly sometimes with new 
features being added all the time to both each core release but each 
different extension used, but again the underlying pricipals are still 
the same.

Just persevere

Marco Gonzalez wrote:
> Hi Dmitry,
>   So from your response, I'm inclined to conclude that A) This book is not very useful as it does not apply to the new 4.0 version, and B) There are no English books for Typo3 that are relevant to the new releases.
>   I wonder if I could return the book for a refund.  I think even a large Errata would make it somewhat useful.
>   Any ideas on how to proceed to learn Typo3?
>   Cheers,
>   Marco
> Dmitry Dulepov <typo3 at accio.lv> wrote:
>   Hi!
> Marco Gonzalez wrote:
>> As I am going through Chapter 3 of the book, I see that the book does
>> not correspond to the installation of Typo3 I currently have. In
>> fact, I can't find the version the book is referring to. If anyone
>> knows how I might rectify what I read in the book to what is on the
>> currently downloadable versions, would you please give me some
>> advise?
> I think it is 3.7.0. But you'd better learn new version than old.

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