[TYPO3] Removing DIV Tag Wrapping Extensions

J.L. Reid jlreid at reidwrite.com
Thu Sep 21 10:55:00 CEST 2006

Whenever Typo3 renders the output for an extension it wraps it in a div tag with a class named for the extension.

I can see the use of this, but I have a case where this div tag is "breaking" my output--I'm using the Top_Content extension coupled with xml_rendering to create a customized rss feed.  But my rss reader is giving me a tag mismatch error at the close of the top_content div tag.

Can I remove this tag?  I'm sure I can hack the system so it doesn't wrap extensions with div tags at all... if so, how do I do this?

Ideally, I should be able to tell it to not wrap this one extension.  Is there any (easy) way to do this?

Thanks for your help,


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