[TYPO3] Problems with realurl configuration

Geir-Tore Lindsve geir-tore at jabber.no
Wed Sep 20 22:12:31 CEST 2006

Den 20. sep. 2006 kl. 13.20 skrev Geir-Tore Lindsve:

> I seems to be the extension rlmp_language_detection which causes
> this, as the site loads fine without that extension loaded. I haven't
> figured out a way to fix the problem though.

I have figured out that the problem occurs when the language get  
variable (L) is not set. If I manually add ?L=0 or ?L=1 after the  
site url, it works. It also works if I go to one of the Norwegian  
translated pages (http://www.domain.com/no/something.html), and also  
if I go from there to the English version (by clicking the flag  
provided by sr_language_menu). But every time I go to one of the  
default (English) pages (http://www.domain.com/something.html) it  
keeps redirecting/stalling until a database error is presented.

What is it exactly which provides this get variable in those cases  
where it is not present (i.e. makes it the default language)? Could  
it be some configuration there which I either have left out, or  
should be in the constant field instead of in the setup field? I am  
way out of my field here, so any advice on this would be great!

For your information, I have these extensions loaded which I find  
related to this:
- realurl
- rlmp_language_detection
- sr_language_detect
- sr_language_menu

Geir-Tore Lindsve
geir-tore at jabber.no

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