[TYPO3] tt_news subheader wrap

Michel Albert Michel.Albert at statec.etat.lu
Wed Sep 20 10:53:12 CEST 2006


tt_news uses stdWrap to define how much of the news-content should be 
displayed in the "###subheader###" field. But how do I tell it to show more 
than only 100 characters?

I tried to add the following into the constants section of the template 
config. The first settings (singlePid and templateFile) work. But the stuff 
in subheader_stdWrap refuse to manifest any changes. I also tried to put it 
into the "config" section of the template without any luck.

Where else should I put this?

plugin.tt_news {
   singlePid = 119
   file.templateFile = fileadmin/template/tt_news/template.html
   subheader_stdWrap {
      crop = 500 | ...
      ifEmpty.field = bodytext

Best regards,


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