[TYPO3] Workspace: Move attempt failed ?

Johannes Konert johanneskonert at gmx.de
Tue Sep 19 18:20:20 CEST 2006

Hi Ben,
thanks for the help.
Yes, I created my own workspace and
no, I have no restrictions set.
There are only a few setting you can make. Mine are:
[ ] freeze editing
[ ] allow live editing of records from tables without versioning
[ ] disable auto-versiong when editing
Swap Modes: [Disable Swap-Into-Workspace]
Disable Versioning Types:
   [ ] Element
   [ ] Page
   [ ] Branch (! no I have not set this)
Publish Access:
   [ ] Publish only Content in Publish Stage
   [X] Only Workspace Owner can Publish

Is there once place more, where you can configure workspace/versioning 

Thanks so far.

ben van 't ende [netcreators] wrote:
> Johannes Konert wrote:
>> Hi list members,
>> I tried to move a page on workspace and got this:
>> 1: Move attempt failed due to workspace restrictions: Could not remove
>> record from table "pages" from its page "105" Could not insert record
>> from table "pages" in destination PID "105"
>> Why can't I move pages/records in the workspace?
>> Even creating new versions of all pages and branches in the workspace
>> gave me the same message, when I try again.
> Hi Johannes,
> Your workspace needs to be configured to allow that. Did you create a
> workspace or do you mean the default DRAFT? If you want to move pages
> you will need "branche versioning"
> gRTz
> ben

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