[TYPO3] Use TypoScript to Output Page Data?

J.L. Reid jlreid at reidwrite.com
Mon Sep 18 18:25:26 CEST 2006

Looking through the TSReference guide I see how to call up parts of what would make my page-level content, i.e. outputting the page title using page:title, or page:abstract for the abstract.   I even see how to us the DB:(table):(uid):(field) call to get page content...

But what I need is to get the "entire" page content... that is, what is outputted as html when you call doman.com/index.php?id=X...

Can I use TS to get that content?

The reason I'm asking, I'm using one of the xml export extensions to create a specific RSS feed.  I can grab the page title, and url... I but need to grab the "entire" page content including extension out (esp. sitemaps and on-page menus).

Does anyone have any idea how to go about this?



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