[TYPO3] forms in T3

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Mon Sep 18 09:14:36 CEST 2006

In case somebody is looking for a way to save the mail data into the 
database, here's a nice solution:
- to save the data: Save Form Mail pk_save_form_mail (misc)
- and to check the mail data: Review Mails de_deviewmails (module)

Seems to work fine in t3 4.0.2 :)


Bjørn Dissing wrote:
> I have been doing some searching, and for what i have found out handling 
> of web-forms in T3 is apparently not a very well supported feature.
> It just strikes me as amazing that a mature, full scale ECMS like T3 
> dosen't have functionality to handle simple webforms and store them in a 
> database.
> By this i mean fx. if a user enters data, and the information e.g. needs 
> to be spread out into several tables.
> Or even if it should just be stored in a single table...It seems that 
> the only way to go is to create a plugin and write the logic manually.
> I hope someone can convince me otherwise since i would consider this a 
> grand flaw of typo3, since webforms are on of the most common things on 
> www.
> If I then were to actually write a plugin that could handle my forms i 
> would like to use some libraries, adodb, html_quickforms and smarty. Can 
> these be used in a extension for T3?
> regards...
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