[TYPO3] Workspace / hidden page bug?

Bill Stoltz bstoltz81 at comcast.net
Sat Sep 16 03:28:01 CEST 2006

Wondering if this is a bug or feature...

In a simple tree of 5 pages.
1 = main   [ with template ]
   2 = sub1  [inside main page and is hidden]
     3 = subsub1  [ inside of sub1 ]
   4 = sub2  [inside main page is visible]
     5 = subsub2  [ inside of sub2 ]

If in the draft workspace, if you show page 5 it works. you get the
preview screen with the live in top left and draft in lower left.

if you try to show page 3, you get live correctly in top left, but you
get template not found error in lower left frame.

In the live workspace all the pages display correctly.

So, why if a the page is hidden or a parent page is hidden, can the
draft workspace not find the template?

Bill Stoltz

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