[TYPO3] Trying to Export A Menu of Subpages (with abstract) to RSS using XML_Contentrendering

J.L. Reid jlreid at reidwrite.com
Fri Sep 15 18:24:35 CEST 2006

I'm trying to export some of my pages and page content to rss, but most of the extensions I've found either export only tt_news, all of your recently updated pages, or doesn't sufficiently exclude/include sections of the page tree...

So I've resorted to simulating the feeds I want to create by 1) Creating a page with a menu of subpages with abstracts, 2) using xml_contentrendering to turn the specific page into an rss feed.

I've gotten as far as being able to take page-level data, i.e. page title, url, and abstract, and export is as a well-formed rss feed.   But I'm stumped when it comes to getting the menu of subpages to export.

Here's the configuration setup I'm using for the xml_contentrendering extension:

xml_contentrendering >
xml_contentrendering = PAGE
xml_contentrendering {
  config.disableAllHeaderCode = 1
  config.additionalHeaders = Content-type:text/xml
  config.admPanel = 0
  config.xhtml_cleaning = 0
  10 = COA
  10 {
   1 = TEXT
   1.value = <title>{page:title}</title>
   1.insertData = 1
   5 = TEXT
   5.value = <description>{page:abstract}</description>
   5.insertData =  1
   8 = TEXT
   8.value = <link>http://www.trianglebusinessintermediaries.com/{page:alias}.html</link>
   8.insertData = 1
wrap = <?xml version="1.0" ?><rss version="2.0"><channel><title>Adventures in A(d)merica</title>|</channel></rss>

   20 < styles.xmlcontent.get

Again, this works just fine, but how do I include sitemaps and menus so that they export properly?  Any help, guidance, would be appreciated.


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