[TYPO3] Localized items don't show up

Lars Kappert lars at efocus.nl
Fri Sep 15 14:00:54 CEST 2006

Thank you, Dmitry. I'm on the problem now and I cannot solve it.

I added these lines to the root template setup:
# l10n:
page.config {
    linkVars = L
    sys_language_uid = 1
    language = nl
    locale_all = nl_NL
    htmlTag_langKey = nl

Now, if I do something like this:
    subparts.content = CONTENT 
    subparts.content.table = tt_content
    subparts.content.select {
        pidInList = this
        orderBy = sorting
        languageField = sys_language_uid

...I get only the default (localized) content items. If I remove the
Languagefield line, the template shows ALL content items for that page
(the default, the NL and the EN items).

If I have page.config.sys_language_uid set in the root template, then
that variable is available in the template of a subpage as well, right?
(I don't clear constants or setup in any template.)

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