[TYPO3] Website Photo Gallery - placeholders only displayed?

Tobias Grønlund tobias at edev.dk
Fri Sep 15 13:22:41 CEST 2006

Nige skrev:
> Hi again,
> The other gallery I'm testing is the Website Photo Gallery (jm_gallery).
> I've installed it all OK, and followed the manual to setup/configure the 
> pages, but on the site all I see are placeholders (with ...no images, 
> but the filenames and number of hites are displayed)...I cannot find any 
> reason for this (I've re-checked the set up over and over, and followed 
> the tutorial video as best as I can although I don't speak German!).
> In the extension manager, if I look at the information for the 
> extension, I see an error, although I have no idea if this may be the 
> problem...
> Database status: Table error!
> Probably one or more required fields/tables are missing in the database!
> and the action to take is shown as...
> ALTER TABLE tx_jmgallery_categories CHANGE uid uid int(11) 
> auto_increment NOT NULL;
>  Current value: int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment
> The site is running on mysql4.1.20
> Has anyone using this gallery had a similar problem? What did you have 
> to do to resolve it?
> Cheers again,
> Nige
What t3 version are you running?

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