[TYPO3] call php script from Javascript

Jörg Verstraete jorg.no.verstraete at telin.spam.ugent.be
Thu Sep 14 14:21:30 CEST 2006


I have a small question. On my Typo 3-site I have a form define like this:
<form name="form1" onSubmit="CheckForm()"  method="post" 
action="sendmail.php" >
Checkform is a javascript function that checks the fields, and displays 
an error message next to them (using dhtml)
function CheckForm() {

Since June, this doesn't work on Internet Explorer (unless one clicks 
the submit button twice). The first time, "CheckForm" is called; the 
second time the action (php script) is executed. Aparently, this is due 
to an update of IE:

As a workaround, I thought of calling the php script from the Checkform 
function, but I can't seem to find how to achieve this. Any suggestions?

I would like to keep the javascript check (I like the dhtml error 
message system), so are there perhaps other solutions?



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