[TYPO3] htmlArea RTE 1.4.2 editor problems

Sekhar radhiilu at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 14 14:07:42 CEST 2006

thanks for your mail.I have checked my
  i have the following one but i can't see any RTE.default.FE.showButtons option
  RTE.default.FE.hideButtons = chMode, blockstyle, textstyle, underline, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, lefttoright, righttoleft, left, center, right, justifyfull, table, inserttag, findreplace, removeformat, copy, cut, paste

  thanks for your help
Tim Loenders <tloenders at gmail.com> wrote:
  There are two options for your page ts config:

RTE.default.showButtons =
RTE.default.hideButtons =

where following parameters can be added:

textstyle, textstylelabel, textcolor, blockstylelabel, blockstyle, bold,
left, center, right, insertcharacter, link, image, copy, cut, paste, undo,
redo, rowproperties, rowinsertabove, rowinsertunder, rowdelete, rowsplit,
columninsertbefore, columninsertafter, columndelete, columnsplit,
cellproperties, cellinsertbefore, cellinsertafter, celldelete, cellsplit,
cellmerge, table, lefttoright, righttoleft, formatblock, user, acronym,
line, inserttag, spellcheck, textstylelabel, fontstyle, fontsize, italic,
underline, strikethrough, justifyfull, orderedlist, unorderedlist, showhelp,
emoticon, toggleborders, subscript, superscript, textindicator,
insertcharacter, findreplace, chMode, removeformat, toggleborders, about,
subscript, superscript and probably some more.

The one you are after is
RTE.default.showButtons = textcolor I suppose!



On 9/14/06, Sekhar wrote:
> Hi
> in htmlrte editor select text colour option is not showing.How to enable
> selectiong text colour options.I have checked in List of htmlArea RTE
> plugins option ansd selectcolour is already there but it is not showing when
> i try to create a page content.I am using version 1.4.2
> Thanks for your help
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