[TYPO3] Add field to page properties in the backend

Akos Horvath freesys at freesys.hu
Wed Sep 13 12:18:05 CEST 2006

It was my question ! How can I add ?

I want to use it with a teaser extension. I tried it works, but I filled 
  the data with sql. Now I want to fill it from the backend, but the 
field is not on the form.


Dmitry Dulepov írta:
> Hi!
> Akos Horvath wrote:
>> I want to add the "abstract" field to all type of pages in the 
>> backend. Normally it is only exists if the type is "advanced". I would 
>> like to use this field when the page type is "shortcut".
> Add it if you need. Nothing should break. I am not sure how you want to 
> use it for shortcut pages (because they do not appear in FE) though.

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