[TYPO3] Is the doc_tut_templselect extension missing?

Gary Sadler garys at townofbreckenridge.com
Wed Sep 13 00:36:33 CEST 2006

I'm a green, raw, newbie of Typo3, but impressed thus far and committed 
to thoroughly learning the system in a methodical way.  Part of the 
developers' intended instructional process for newbies, it appears, is 
to encourage them to follow the carefully implemented tutorials.  I am 
working on the  modern template building tutorial and am at the point 
where I'm supposed to import and install the doc_tut_templselect 
extension.  It does not appear to exist in the repository, however. 
There's one called doc_tut_templselect_nl, and I've imported and 
installed that one, but it's not the full extension.  Anybody have any 
tips for me on this particular subject and on the subject of learning in 



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