[TYPO3] jedit not authenticating

Ron Hall ron at busynoggin.com
Tue Sep 12 16:21:50 CEST 2006

I do not know if this helps but I had jedit just stop working the other day.
I was able to get it going again by putting its default ts in my page
template. Normally it should just pick that up from the extension but for
some reason it stopped doing that. The code I put I my template was:

jeditpage = PAGE
jeditpage.typeNum = 761
jeditpage.config {
        no_cache = 1
        admPanel = 0

I do not know if it will help you but it fixed my problem.

Ron Hall

On 9/12/06 6:33 AM, "Matt Bracewell" <mattadley at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi Fernando,
> As far as I can tell that's the normal message served if you hit the
> site using a browser attempting to retrieve type=761.
> My experience is that I get this message on a local WAMP installation
> where jedit works just fine.
> I totally understand your frustration though as I can't authenticate
> against my production server, even after hours of research and
> experimentation.
> I know that my jedit installation is good (because it works with my dev
> server) so I've been looking into what's different on my production server.
> There are now quite a few unanswered posts about this subject so I hope
> we can find an answer - when it all works it's amazingly productive.
> Beyond comparing my installs I'm not so hot on debugging - can anybody help?
> (The installation comparison is probably a dead end for me anyway as the
> production server is Linux (of course).
> Lotsa,
> Matt
> Fernando Garrido Vaz wrote:
>> I'm not reading my messages before posting :(  Sorry, just anxious to
>> see this working... The message I get is this:
>> This is the jeditvfs XML-RPC responder. I can't talk to you!
>>> http://www.garridovaz.com/index.php?type=761
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