[TYPO3] Adding BE users to FE groups

Benjamin Mack bmack at kirix.com
Mon Sep 11 23:31:23 CEST 2006


this is a frequently asked question (merging FE and BE users). Please 
browse the lists, google or the TER for stuff like this and you will 
find an answer in minutes. Here are my results...

Have a look at on of those extensions, maybe they help:
  * dkd_feuser_belogin
  * simulatebe
  * beko_improved_login



Robert Markula wrote:
> A nice hello to everybody!
> I'm currently struggling with the following problem:
> I want to add backend users to frontend groups, so that backend users 
> can access certain FE (access restricted) pages. I want them to be able 
> to login to these restricted FE areas using their BE password.
> In times of the 'single sign-on' buzzwords I don't want them to register 
> as FE users with an own username&password, when they already have a BE 
> account.
> Do you know of any solutions?
> Kind regards,
> Ro
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