[TYPO3] totally transparent background in gifbuilder

Tomasz Trznadel tdi666 at op.pl
Mon Sep 11 10:24:51 CEST 2006

is it possible to make transparent background instead of background with a 
i have something like this:
lib.rotated = IMAGE
lib.rotated.file = GIFBUILDER
lib.rotated.file {
  XY = 160,120
  transparentBackground = 1
  transparentColor.closest = 1
  transparentColor = #0000ff
  10 = IMAGE
  10.file = fileadmin/templates/new2.png
  20 = EFFECT
  20.value = rotate=5
maybe some mask will fix the problem? i have an image in the background and 
color of gif back gives me nothing i need good transparent. 

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